Did you know that you could have your own Josephine and /or Jack? These organisations do...

When we make a new Josephine or Jack figure, we work with a group of people with learning difficulties to decide what the figure should look like and how old they should be. We ask questions such as what skin colour, what colour/type of hair should s/he have and how tall should s/he be?  And, of course, more intimate questions… we find these can be a useful discussion in their own right – particularly around issues such as body image and anatomy.

For an initial fee, licensees receive:

  • their own Jack and/or Josephine, custom made in consultation with a group of people with a learning disability
  • training for a cohort of staff to run our basic courses
  • access to new courses as we develop them
  • ongoing support.

We then charge an annual license fee.

For more details please contact us directly.