John and Val are both in their mid-forties, both have learning disabilities and John also has other health issues. When they started dating after meeting each other at a local day centre, Val’s Dad and John’s carers were very concerned that they apparently knew very little about sex and intimacy which led to them rarely being left alone together, which of course was frustrating for them. As Val says:

“It’s like my dad wanted to keep me as his little girl and I’m not!”

For Val and John, things reached a crisis point when they ran away together. They were found quite quickly by the police but it was only after this that their feelings for each other were finally taken seriously. Val and John found out about Josephine and Jack through a chance conversation with a lady with learning disabilities who had been on one of our courses. Val participated in our Josephine “I am Every Woman” course, and later John worked with our Jack team, particularly around role models for men in relationships. Val and John now live together independently and are engaged to be married.

In another case, David lived independently but was very lonely. He thought he was making friends with people on social media but ended up being exploited into sending money to his “friends” who then disappeared. David was referred to our “Keep Safe with Josephine and Jack” course where he had the chance to look at what friendship means and what trust means and how to say no.  He now volunteers at a local café for people with learning disabilities and is the life and soul of any party!