Our Mission:

We empower people with learning disabilities to make informed choices in life and love.

Our Vision:

“Liberation through creative learning”.

No-one in the United Kingdom should be more than an hour away from a Josephine or a Jack Course.

Our Values:

  • Autonomy:           People with learning disabilities have the same right to choices about life and love as the rest of us

  • Empathy:              Everyone has the right to express their life choices differently and safely

  • Empowerment:   People with learning disabilities are at the heart of everything we do

We do this through:

  • promoting and developing work with our cloth figures Josephine and Jack with both groups and individuals in the North East
  • working across the UK through licensing and leasing our figures
  • advocating for the rights of people with learning disabilities and
  • supporting them both individually and collectively to access those rights