What our participants, parents and professionals say about us

“Right at the beginning I would never tell anybody how I’m feeling. I would, like, keep it to myself and bottle it up. But now I’m starting to tell people how I’m feeling now I’ve done the course. For the second time yesterday, I phoned my disability nurse and told her how I was feeling, and she was quite shocked cos I’ve never told her before – I’ve always – been hiding but now she says that she’s amazed that I’ve done it.”

“The project is one of kind that has incredible results and pushes the boundaries supporting individuals to learn and explore....amazing!”

“This is a unique, informative and fun way of learning. It is done with care, respect and amazing knowledge. A great service with a very professional team.”

“My daughter attended a Jack and Josephine course, which was fantastic. The staff were so inclusive, warm and totally understood my daughter’s difficulties. A fantastic organisation.”

“They are a fantastic, passionate organisation using innovation to ensure everyone has access to what so many of us take for granted: personal choice.”

“Been struggling really hard with my emotions and how to handle them. These 10 weeks I’ve actually been able to get my emotions out better. Been able to cope with them better and strategies in place being able to help me.”

“This is such a necessary project!”

“This is a positive example of what should be nationally supported and generously funded for all people having learning disabilities. Its creativity and support generate aspirations beyond anything currently provided by statutory organisations and deserves all credit for the imaginative work it does.”

“I enjoyed all the course.”

“A creative, loving, intelligent provision for people who have few resources.”