The Josephine and Jack Project have been approached by PhD researchers from Northumbria University (Newcastle) Kandianos Sakalidis and Waleed Dreegia for our help in engaging participants in their work. Their research addresses the fact that people with learning disabilities often have lower levels of participation in sport and exercise. They are particularly interested in the idea of ‘pacing’ or distributing effort over time.

The project aims to develop and trial adapted versions of exercise-oriented goal and motivation questionnaires especially for people with learning disabilities aged 12-35 years. The questionnaires will investigate the skills involved in developing pacing behaviours in everyday exercise like walking, and the impact of cognition, self-regulation, motivation and goal-orientation on developing pacing behaviours.

Participants will take part in two research sessions, along with some pre-tests to establish their suitability. Each test will last about 45 minutes and will take place in safe, quiet and accessible research labs at Northumbria University. Participants will be supported to respond to the questionnaires and will then engage in a 4-kilometre cycling trial on a Velotron® ergometer (a static bicycle which measures speed, distance and acceleration/deceleration) and a 6-minute walk test.

If you have a learning disability or know someone who does and would like to take part, please contact Kandianos - [email protected] or Waleed - [email protected] for more information.