This series of films are about getting ready to go out again after the lockdown ends and some things to bear in mind.

Funding from the Coronavirus Community Support Fund, distributed by the National Lottery Community Fund, has helped us to make this series of films. Thanks to the Government for making this possible.

Session 1: Lockdown Blues!

Jack has the lockdown blues! This lockdown feels like it's been going on forever! So he and Tom get in touch with Josephine and Ali for some advice.

Session 2: Josephine: COVID Vaccination

In this video, Viv and Josephine explain what happens when the doctor invites you to get your jab, how to book your appointment and what happens after you’ve had the injection.

Session 3: Jack: Things to do!

Jack knows that the lockdown is beginning to end and really hopes this is the last one! But the time is really dragging - he's sooo bored! So he and Michael talk to Josephine and Martine about some online activities he can do.

Session 4: Jack: Vaccination

There are all sorts of rumours online about the COVID-19 vaccine and some people are worried about having it. Jack is one of them. Watch as his friend Michael – who has already had the jab – answers some of Jack’s questions.

Session 5: Josephine: Fake News

Josephine is hearing all sorts of strange things about Coronavirus on social media and she really doesn't know what to believe! So she and Viv give Martine and Rainbow Jo a call to talk things through.

Session 6: More Fake News! Ask Steph from the BBC!

After hearing all sorts of strange things about Coronavirus on social media, Josephine really doesn't know what to believe! Fortunately Steph Finnon from BBC Newcastle is at hand!